Planning Bathroom Renovations for Added Appeal and Extra Functionality

People often live in a house for many years before undertaking bathroom renovations even if they’ve been wanting to make changes for a long time. It’s important to make a definitive plan before starting any projects to avoid unforeseen circumstances. It’s also essential to decide for sure which new features are most preferred and to consider any possible problems the changes could cause.

For instance, a tall person may have been dreaming of getting a large bathtub so he or she can finally take long baths while relaxing completely stretched out in the warm water. However, if the room cannot be enlarged, removing the old tub and having a bigger one installed may take up substantial space. That could mean having to eliminate some cabinetry and storing linens in a hall closet. This could be well worth it, however, for the person who loves the idea of relaxing in soothing water after a long day at work.

Layout changes to the room can greatly enhance satisfaction with the home. Sometimes a bathroom is situated directly off a living room, meaning people in the general living space wind up having to view the bathroom unless the door stays closed all the time. At least taking steps to move the toilet from direct view would be desirable. That fixture could be placed behind a wall instead of in front of the door, and the door instead could open up to a closet or cabinetry.

These examples are both major changes that are substantially pricier than projects like removing a vanity and installing a new one. Homeowners typically are very dedicated to the ideas before they set forth on the task, knowing they will be investing a significant amount of money in this home renovation. When the project is complete, they’ll be glad they decided to go ahead with the endeavor. Not only has it boosted their satisfaction with the property, it has increased the future resale value as well. The changes not only are responses to dissatisfaction with various aspects but can add more functionality as well. The planning stage is an excellent time to consider practical factors in addition to nonessential preferences.

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